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How long does a garden design take to produce?

When you first contact me, I can let you know how long it will take to draw up a garden design plan for you. It does tend to follow a seasonal pattern - in the winter I could have a plan ready in a matter of days, whereas in spring or early summer it will inevitably take longer as there is more demand. I am always available on the phone or email if you need to check on progress.

How can you be sure that you will like the plan?

I believe that gardens should feel comfortable, based on traditional values, but with contemporary updating. My initial site visit to you is very important. You will need to give me as much information as possible at this stage, letting me know about your lifestyle and how you will be using your garden, so that I can fully interpret your requirements. I will listen carefully to you at the site visit, so you need to be aware that you play a large part in the resulting garden design.

Does the size of the garden affect the cost of the

garden design?

Not necessarily, as there will always be time spent on a site visit, and on preparing the plan in the studio. I have found that a good design for a small garden can be just as demanding as planning out a large garden, where a large proportion may be lawn. On the other hand, a larger garden may well be more complicated depending on the brief and landscaping requirements, and this will be reflected in both the cost of the garden design and its construction.
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When is the best time to start

planning for a new garden? 

You can start on your new garden at any time but you will probably find things more straight forward to start with a design in the Autumn, which can then be implemented in the Winter, and the garden planted up ready for full use by the time Spring arrives.